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Protect Your Leave Out!

What is Leave Out?

Leave Out is the clients natural hair that is left out (not braided or sewn) to cover the tracks of a sew in weave that blends with the attached extensions. It is typically a rectangular-parted section of hair left out, wherever the client prefers a realistic part. Leave Out can be in the middle, Right/Left side, and/or along the edges (hairline).

PRO TIP: Always discuss where you’d prefer your part with your stylist, BEFORE they begin prepping or braiding your hair.

When should I get Leave Out?

In my professional opinion, I recommend Leave Out to clients that:

·         Are comfortable with keeping their hair blended correctly after they leave the salon.

·         Have a HEALTHY section of hair that can be left out. No visible damage or breakage.

·         Will commit to thoroughly washing and conditioning the section of leave out as directed, in-between appointments or up to the time of extension removal.

·         Desire a completely natural and undetected weave install, AND complies with all of the above.

What IS the After-Care?

Oh, I’m glad you asked! Here’s my list of a few amazing tips to protect and maintain your Leave Out:

  •  Respectfully make sure your stylist is using a heat protectant before blow drying, flat ironing, and/or curling your Leave Out.

  • Make sure YOU are using a thermal heat protectant at home. (Heat Protectants also protect harmful UV rays from the sun. YES, your hair is exposed to daily sun damage).

  • Don’t use heat everyday on your Leave Out. I recommend no more than 2x a week. Daily use WILL CAUSE YOUR HAIR TO BECOME SEVERELY HEAT DAMAGED. (Also, limit your passes of the flat iron on your natural hair. DON’T use heat over 400 degrees.)

  • Try different styling options. Twisting, Braiding, Clips, Head Bands, Hats and Bobby Pins are cute and easy alternatives to heat styling your Leave Out.

  • Opt for a Leave Out Style that requires minimal maintenance.

  • PLEASE, PLEEEEEEASE use a texture of hair extensions that CLOSELY matches your natural hair texture.

  • Don’t over-do it on the products. Especially gel and edge control. Over-use of edge control for left-out edges WILL cause hair loss (traction alopecia).

  • Always protect your hair when sleeping. A satin bonnet with an elastic band, satin or silk scarf, or a satin or silk pillowcase will protect your hair from tension & moisture-absorption from cotton linen.

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