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Client Testimonials

Marshay has such gentle hands I didn’t even know she was done with my hairdo..she does excellent work I was really impressed with her professionalism and her knowledge of different daughter also was impressed so she is booking an appointment with her also..great job"

- Kimberley G.

"I love Shay Nicole! Definitely book your next appointment here! I went to her for a sew in weave and I just loved the results because she made it look so natural. I gave her creative control and wouldn't have had it any other way. I trusted her with my hair care and will recommend her to anyone that is in need of someone that will take their time and answer any questions you may have regarding their hair. She takes her time and make sure that you are happy during the whole process and after while making sure that you hair is in good condition. I will continue to be her client and look forward to her working on my natural hair."

- Tamika S.

"Shay, can we say THANK YOUUUUUU?!!!! I am in love with my hair. For 3 years, Shay has been growing out my relaxer. My hair is now all-natural and she is working wonders. I assumed natural-hair wasn't her thing until I found out she was also ALL NATURAL. Its so difficult to find everyday styles, especially without drying my hair out with products and/or the flat iron. But now my styles are lasting 2-3 weeks at a time. Girl, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. P.S ....I'm gonna need a weave for Cancun in 3 weeks! LOL. "

- Charmaine P.|

"Shay Nicole was amazing!! She made sure the vibe was chill and I left there a satisfied customer. I am so happy that I went to her!! You should definitely book your appointment now!! She is funny too!"

-Chasity C. |

"I found Shay off a 2-day emergency search on Styleseat. Despite my trepidation of a new stylist, I had never met or heard of before, she over exceeded my expectations. She was very flexible in accommodating my schedule, being attentive to my needs and listening to my desired look. I left everything else in her hands and was super surprised and content with they way she transformed my pixie into an a-symmetrical fly bob. a very natural, effortless finish by hands I never even felt on my head. I would highly recommend Shay. She's an excellent stylist!"

- Jamie A.

"My boyfriends daughter has alopecia. Going away to school was a nightmare because she was so self conscious. The day before she left, she got a weave that looked so atural, she cried. Her weave stayed in perfect condition for almost 8 weeks. When we took it out, her hair had grown almost 3 inches. I am forever grateful for you Shay."

- Jewel P.

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